Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I slipped, and kept slipping.

Do you ever look around and think "This isn't fair" or "Why do other people have easier lives than me?" I did, a lot. I kept telling myself that it wasn't fair that I had to struggle to lose weight. I had to struggle while tons of people were able to cruise through their lives without struggling with their weight. I decided to eat, and eat, and eat, and EAT. I would eat whenever I wanted and whatever I wanted. I gained back SO much weight. Folks, I was at 393 lbs! How did I not learn? Yes, I may struggle with my weight, but others may struggle with things that I don't. We are not all made equal. Our bodies are so incredibly different.

At the end of June 2016, I decided to make a change. I was tired of only wearing stretchy pants. I was tired of being tired. I hid from the camera. I was done. I was done being a binge eater. My emotions didn't need to be "fixed" with food. No. More.

I decided it was time to try an elimination diet. I had some issues with plantar fasciitis that I thought may be caused by gluten intake. Once I was done with my elimination diet, I started to add back foods to see what they did to my body. I learned that beans and gluten are not good for me. So, I won't eat them like I used to. It's just that simple. I will allow myself to eat them occasionally, because I never want to tell myself that I can't have or do something.

Since the end of June I have lost nearly 40 lbs with only changing my diet. I am going to start incorporating exercise this week(hopefully tonight). I wanted to make sure that I could be confident in my diet before I change anything else.

With the changes I have made in my diet, I have found that I can control my binge eating. I may look like a crazy lady talking to myself, but I do it. Some days, I have to remind myself to eat. Food is no longer in control of my brain. I am. It is so freeing to know that I can control my eating. I can't say that my eating has been perfect these last few months, but that's okay. I am human. I can say that anything I have eaten that is "off-plan" has only been eaten in small amounts. 4 months ago, I would have eaten all that I could get my hands on.

I can do this. I am doing this.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Here I go again

I am back on Weight Watchers as of today. I got off track with my weight loss and what I needed to do to lose weight and be healthy. I am sad to say that I am at the same weight I was this time last year. I had lost about 30 more pounds but somehow added them back on(yikes!). I was doing great, losing weight like I should, even went to a plastic surgeon to see about getting some of my excess skin removed(gross I know). I went through all the hoops, lost some more weight, sent off info to insurance, and waited. Insurance sent me a letter a week later and said that they wouldn't cover my surgery. It was a big blow. Something I worked so hard for, without weight loss surgery, was taken away from me so quickly and so coldly. I know it is an insurance company but I also know that sometimes insurance covers weight loss surgery so in my head I didn't understand why they would deny my surgery. I think that this caused my problems. I was sad and felt as though the whole weight loss wasn't worth it. Why lose all the weight if I still have all of the skin hanging there to remind me that I used to weigh over 400 pounds?!

But here I am, back on track. I am doing this for me! I want to feel good about myself again. I know that I can't afford to get the plastic surgery I want done now, but maybe in the future I can get it done. I guess, in a way, the skin is there to remind me of what I used to be. It is a huge sign yelling at me not to let myself go again.

Here we go, again. :-)

Current weight : 261
Next Goal : 250

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Feelin' Good!

I am feeling so good lately. I feel like I have overcome all of the roadblocks and motivation issues that I could have had and it is really good. This blog is great for my motivation. I love going back and looking through blogs and seeing what I weighed and when. I noticed that I have lost over 100 pounds since my February 21 blog! Isn't that crazy?! I am so proud of myself for sticking with this and losing the weight without having lap band or gastric bypass surgery. When I was heavy, I always had that option in the back of my mind, but  I knew I couldn't afford it and I didn't like the idea of having surgery. I just know my(old)self too well. Even if I did have the surgery, I probably wouldn't have changed my eating habits and it would have been useless. I still go out to eat with my husband(never a drive-thru though) and eat delicious food. My brain just kicks in and I find what I can eat without it costing 1000 calories or more. I have a few favorite meals to eat at different restaurants that won't ruin your caloric intake for the day

1.) Paradise Chicken Salad at Applebee's - This salad is AMAZING! I absolutely love it. It has grilled chicken, pineapple, and apples mixed with greens. It is only 340 calories! Including the dressing! (I just looked it up on their website and it doesn't list it..I hope they still have it!!)

2.) Skyline Chili - Vegetarian beans and rice bowl - It tricks my brain into thinking it is having regular chili but it is way less in calories. It only has about 320 calories (I put about 1 tbsp of sour cream in mine) and it is seasoned with the same seasoning in the chili spaghetti. 

3.) Subway - Did you know that Subway has salads?? I recently found this out! Any 6" sub can be turned into a salad! I love the oven roasted chicken. I opt for the Fat Free honey mustard and tell them not to put a lot of cheese on it and its delicious!

My husband likes to make fun of me for always ordering a salad but I know that they are usually the best bet going out. I get the dressing on the side so I can control how much dressing goes in and even though I love croutons, fried chicken, and lots of cheese on my salad I just substitute. The salad still tastes great and I don't feel guilty about eating it. 

I do get discouraged from time to time. The scale doesn't budge and I am doing everything I should be, so I stop pouting and take a look back and see how far I've come. I notice that I lose about 10 pounds a month and that is AWESOME. One week with no loss(or gain) won't hurt me!  I just need to keep exercising and eating the right amount of calories and good for me foods!

Weight today - 248.6!
Next Goal -240

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Year, new lifestyle'

I have really been horrible about updating. Almost seven months have passed and quite a bit of weight has come off. I still am going to Zumba class 2-3 days a week but I am no longer with weight watchers. I had great success with the program but I wanted to do the diet portion on my own without having to calculate points. This way, when I reach my goal weight, I will be ready to maintain my weight without having to pay a monthly fee. I found this app for my iPhone called MyFitnessPal and I am loving it! I plugged in my numbers, age,height, weight, goal weight, and it told me the amount of calories I should be eating a day to lose weight. I track what I eat and what excersise I do. It even has a handy barcode scanner for easy tracking! Before I found this app I tried food journaling, I found myself havin under 1000 calories a day but no budging on the scale. I now know that eating too little calories can be as bad as having too many. The scale has moved in my favor and I'm back on track! It's a great feeling to be doing this without a "program."

Last blogged weight : 319.6
Current weight : 261
Next goal : 250

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Crazy Happenings!

So, like usual, it has been a while since I last wrote an update. Some crazy things have happened  since my last post. A tornado went through our town! Everyone is alright but my house looks like a machine gun went crazy on it! We had the insurance adjuster out late last week and had an appointment with a contractor yesterday. Things seem promising and I hope everything works out without any headaches. The adjuster said that the roof needs replaced and the contractor saw that our carport had hail dents in it so that will need replaced also. Nothing like moving into a house for a few months and getting a brand new roof, siding, and carport. I am not looking forward to the insurance hike that will surely happen.

Onto my weight loss journey. Things have been great! I did hit a plateau for a couple weeks but I added a lot more veggies to my diet and ended it. The key to beating a plateau is to step back and take a look at what you're doing. In my case, I realized that I had been eating within my WW points but the choices I was making were not the best nutritionally. I was off to the grocery store and hit up the produce section. Fresh green beans, grape and cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, lettuce all filled up my cart. I even tried asparagus(I am not a fan as of yet, I am going to give it another shot though). I would have easily been able to fill my cart with fruits but they are usually loaded with sugar and as much as I love it, I know it isn't the best for me.

I have been making a bigger effort to get active. Zumba classes are offered to me Monday-Thursday and Saturday. So I should be able to get in at least 2 days worth of sweat inducing dancing.I know I have said this a million times but it is SO much fun.

I am getting dangerously close to hitting a major milestone in my journey, 100 pounds lost. As you have read in my first post I never got an accurate reading of how much I weighed when I started, but I believe around 416 is a good estimate. I am sure I lost at least 10 pounds at the beginning. I weighed myself this morning and *drum roll please* I weigh 319! I am so close to being in the 2's! It sounds ridiculous to be excited to be in the 200's but I guess from where I started it is a major accomplishment.

Weight Today : 319.6 :-)
Next Goal : 309
First Major Goal : 299

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Quick Update

I can't believe that it has almost been a month since I last posted...a MONTH! So let me update you all.

I haven't had any set backs(yay!) and have steadily lost about 2 pounds per week. Even with the steady weight loss I am coming to the realization that I won't be meeting my goal of being 300 or less by June. I am a little disappointed but I am the only one to blame. I have been really good with my diet but have not been so good with exercise. I'm pretty sure that I could have met my goal if I had exercised more.

On to more upbeat things, I know I have mentioned this before but Progresso light soups and campbell's select harvest light soups are FANTASTIC for dieting. Not only do they have tons of veggies but usually you can have the entire can for 4 WW points! I prefer the taste of the progresso light soups to campbell's but if they are on sale, why not? I know with WW you are supposed to use ALL of the points they give you but the last few days I have left about 10 points. I don't feel hungry at all I just don't want to feel over-full so I don't eat the points I don't want to.

I hope you all had a great Easter and Mother's Day. I know I did! I didn't deprive myself but I didn't let myself go overboard. That is pretty much the only way to stick to a diet. You can lose a lot of weight by eating just veggies but eventually you will crash and gain the weight you lost plus some.

I am going to try to keep you all updated on a more consistent basis. Keep me accountable!!

Weight Today - 326 (boomshakalaka!)
WW Goal - 325.2
Next Self Goal - 319

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Prepping my brain for Easter

I don't know about you all, but I LOVE holiday food. The homemade noodles, mashed potatoes, rolls, and all the other things that are good. Since I started my weight loss journey I have made it through Thanksgiving and Christmas with no weight gain! I thought I would give you some tips on how to enjoy the holiday foods but not feel horrible about what you ate.

1. Don't tell yourself "no" too much. Sure you can have noodles, but only have a small spoonful. If you get full before your plate is clean, then quit eating. Just because your momma said to clean your plate when you were little doesn't mean she wants you to do it now!

2. Drink plenty of water. We all know that we should do this, but it really does work to help keep those hunger pangs at bay.

3. Fill your plate with veggies and eat them first. I have been doing this with any meal I eat lately. If you eat the veggies and drink your water then your stomach gets pretty full(but don't fill it too much, you want room for the good stuff!)

4. Say "no" to second helpings. We all have those people in our family that wants us to get some more food and says that we didn't get enough to eat. You alone know how hungry/full you are and you are the one accountable for your weight. No one will be offended if you don't get seconds, I promise.

5. Eat slowly. I know the food is DELISH but that doesn't mean you need to shovel it in! Take a minute to actual taste your food. Savor every bite! If you do this you won't feel deprived at all. 

6. Let the dinner host know you are on a diet, sometimes they will make healthy changes to their cooking. If you are the one preparing the dinner then substitute some low fat/low calories ingredients for the regular ones. No one ever notices and it is good for everyone. If you are making mashed potatoes consider making them with half mashed cauliflower. So good!

7. If it is nice enough go for a walk afterward. It not only burns calories but it is also great for bonding with your family.

I hope these tips help you. Holidays don't have to be stressful when it comes to dieting. You just need to keep your brain in the game!

Weight today - 337.6 (can you believe I started my blog Jan. 4 at 373??)
Next Goal - 329 (getting close to my first big goal!)