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My husband passed away

My husband passed away on September 26, 2017 and my life has changed in many ways. 
I have been on my journey towards better health for years now and it never gets easier, I just get better. Small changes over time become habits. I learned my body doesn't react well to gluten, so I cut it out. I learned that certain foods cannot come into my house because they will be consumed too quickly, so I stopped buying them. I learned that even though I can make changes to my eating habits I still need to move my body and build lean mass, so I purchased a year membership to an amazing fitness center. 
Only one of those changes happened after my husband passed away. 
Many people reached out to me after my husband passed away, offering condolences, offering help, and sharing wonderful stories about my late husband. One day a surprising text came through. It said something along the lines of "Rookie Davis wants to contact you and your son, can I give him your number?" I of course sai…

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