Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Feelin' Good!

I am feeling so good lately. I feel like I have overcome all of the roadblocks and motivation issues that I could have had and it is really good. This blog is great for my motivation. I love going back and looking through blogs and seeing what I weighed and when. I noticed that I have lost over 100 pounds since my February 21 blog! Isn't that crazy?! I am so proud of myself for sticking with this and losing the weight without having lap band or gastric bypass surgery. When I was heavy, I always had that option in the back of my mind, but  I knew I couldn't afford it and I didn't like the idea of having surgery. I just know my(old)self too well. Even if I did have the surgery, I probably wouldn't have changed my eating habits and it would have been useless. I still go out to eat with my husband(never a drive-thru though) and eat delicious food. My brain just kicks in and I find what I can eat without it costing 1000 calories or more. I have a few favorite meals to eat at different restaurants that won't ruin your caloric intake for the day

1.) Paradise Chicken Salad at Applebee's - This salad is AMAZING! I absolutely love it. It has grilled chicken, pineapple, and apples mixed with greens. It is only 340 calories! Including the dressing! (I just looked it up on their website and it doesn't list it..I hope they still have it!!)

2.) Skyline Chili - Vegetarian beans and rice bowl - It tricks my brain into thinking it is having regular chili but it is way less in calories. It only has about 320 calories (I put about 1 tbsp of sour cream in mine) and it is seasoned with the same seasoning in the chili spaghetti. 

3.) Subway - Did you know that Subway has salads?? I recently found this out! Any 6" sub can be turned into a salad! I love the oven roasted chicken. I opt for the Fat Free honey mustard and tell them not to put a lot of cheese on it and its delicious!

My husband likes to make fun of me for always ordering a salad but I know that they are usually the best bet going out. I get the dressing on the side so I can control how much dressing goes in and even though I love croutons, fried chicken, and lots of cheese on my salad I just substitute. The salad still tastes great and I don't feel guilty about eating it. 

I do get discouraged from time to time. The scale doesn't budge and I am doing everything I should be, so I stop pouting and take a look back and see how far I've come. I notice that I lose about 10 pounds a month and that is AWESOME. One week with no loss(or gain) won't hurt me!  I just need to keep exercising and eating the right amount of calories and good for me foods!

Weight today - 248.6!
Next Goal -240

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Year, new lifestyle'

I have really been horrible about updating. Almost seven months have passed and quite a bit of weight has come off. I still am going to Zumba class 2-3 days a week but I am no longer with weight watchers. I had great success with the program but I wanted to do the diet portion on my own without having to calculate points. This way, when I reach my goal weight, I will be ready to maintain my weight without having to pay a monthly fee. I found this app for my iPhone called MyFitnessPal and I am loving it! I plugged in my numbers, age,height, weight, goal weight, and it told me the amount of calories I should be eating a day to lose weight. I track what I eat and what excersise I do. It even has a handy barcode scanner for easy tracking! Before I found this app I tried food journaling, I found myself havin under 1000 calories a day but no budging on the scale. I now know that eating too little calories can be as bad as having too many. The scale has moved in my favor and I'm back on track! It's a great feeling to be doing this without a "program."

Last blogged weight : 319.6
Current weight : 261
Next goal : 250