Still going strong!

I just thought I would give you all a short update of my weight loss. We are moving into our new house today and we don't have our internet hooked up yet (eeks!).

I have been really pleased with the results that I am getting from Weight Watchers. I lose about 3 pounds/week and get so excited when I watch the numbers drop. I have been slacking on the exercise part of the plan so I'm sure I would lose more weight/week if I started doing that again. Lucky for me, the new house is only, maybe, a block from where I go to Zumba! Hopefully I will start going again.

If there are any of you that are wanting to try Weight Watchers but are skeptical I would recommend trying it anyway. They have a plan where you get so many weeks free and you can cancel at any time. Just try it!!

Current Weight - 348
Next Goal - 339 (I love seeing my goal weight go lower and lower!!) 


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