Here I go again

I am back on Weight Watchers as of today. I got off track with my weight loss and what I needed to do to lose weight and be healthy. I am sad to say that I am at the same weight I was this time last year. I had lost about 30 more pounds but somehow added them back on(yikes!). I was doing great, losing weight like I should, even went to a plastic surgeon to see about getting some of my excess skin removed(gross I know). I went through all the hoops, lost some more weight, sent off info to insurance, and waited. Insurance sent me a letter a week later and said that they wouldn't cover my surgery. It was a big blow. Something I worked so hard for, without weight loss surgery, was taken away from me so quickly and so coldly. I know it is an insurance company but I also know that sometimes insurance covers weight loss surgery so in my head I didn't understand why they would deny my surgery. I think that this caused my problems. I was sad and felt as though the whole weight loss wasn't worth it. Why lose all the weight if I still have all of the skin hanging there to remind me that I used to weigh over 400 pounds?!

But here I am, back on track. I am doing this for me! I want to feel good about myself again. I know that I can't afford to get the plastic surgery I want done now, but maybe in the future I can get it done. I guess, in a way, the skin is there to remind me of what I used to be. It is a huge sign yelling at me not to let myself go again.

Here we go, again. :-)

Current weight : 261
Next Goal : 250


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