I love carbs!

I have a slight love affair with carbs. I have been told by society that carbs=baaaaaaad. I feel like I am sneaking around with carbs, cheating on my healthy food. Apparently, society lied! I was watching the Rachael Ray show the other day and was surprised to see a book featured call "The Carb Lovers Diet." I was intrigued! The writers were on and were saying that you just need to eat the right carbs. There is a carb called "resistant starch" which resists digestion and acts like fiber. Fiber!! We all know that fiber is good for us and we should be eating more of it. I haven't bought this book, yet, but I plan on doing so tonight. They also say you can lose about 6 pounds in the first week on this diet. That is a pretty impressive claim, especially when carbs are involved. While featuring their book on Rachael Ray, they did say that you need to go with whole grains and greener bananas(which I love both) so you can't really go crazy with the white pasta, though I have found that I love whole grain so much better.

I am going back to work on Monday. I am excited to be able to get out of the house for a few hours and interact with someone who actually can say a full sentence, but I am also nervous about where I am going to work. I will be working at a restaurant and have worked at the same restaurant previously and I know how hard it is to resist the food, especially when you get a discount. I think I am going to start drinking shakes or something simple for my meals while I work and bring something healthy to munch on.  I hope I can continue my success and resist the mac n cheese!

Current Weight - 364 (whoohoo!)
Next Goal - 359


  1. Just hopped over from I am Momma...wanted to wish you the best in your journey! I've found the same thing with whole grains... and skim milk/light versions of most things. I used to work at a restaurant too, so I know how incredibly hard that can be. You could try choosing an item at the end of the week as a reward for resisting..then you can eat your treat without the remorse. Blessings your way...you can do it!


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