Diets and Colds

I have come down with a cold! Swollen glands, draining sinuses, and lack of energy. Blah! Along with a cold, I’ve noticed that I have a loss of appetite. My stomach never growls and I could probably go without eating, but that is  NOT good for weight loss. My dear sweet husband wanted to get my usual sick supplies: lemon lime soda, chicken noodle soup and crackers. I was quick to tell him "NO!" As much as I love those sick foods I simply cannot have the soda and I usually eat way more crackers than necessary. I did, however, send him to the store for some Progresso Light soups. I have never tried them before and was afraid that they would taste bland and be mostly broth. Boy was I wrong!  I tried the Italian Style Meatball version for lunch and it was full of big chunks of veggies, penne pasta, and cute little meatballs. Alright, I will stop sounding like an ad for this soup, but it is REALLY, really good!

Now, if you are like me you may think that half of a can of soup isn’t enough to fill you up. It wasn’t for me, but with only 80 calories per serving, you have plenty of room for having things on the side. This was my lunch:

1 cup of the Progresso Light Soup -              80 calories
1 piece of whole grain whole wheat bread - 110 calories
3 or 4 sprays of Spray butter for bread -         0 calories
1 Babybel light cheese -                                25 calories

                                                               = 215 calories

I think that is pretty fantastic! This meal also hit my carb count on the nose.  I may repeat lunch for dinner!

I also want to go back to why I said no to soda. One day I decided to scan the back of a regular soda can to see how bad it really is. One of my favorite sodas was Cherry Coke. When looking at the calories, sugars, and carbs it quickly became my enemy, 150 calories,  42 carbs, and 42 sugars! It has more carbs than one of my meals! Even diet sodas make me question if they are really “ok” for you. They are made from chemicals and things I have problems with putting in my body.  There are also studies that show that the artificial sweeteners don’t really fool  your body. Your body figures out it didn’t get the calories it thought it did and it starts craving the calories it missed out on with the diet soda. So basically your body retaliates and makes you eat more. Not good.  I know some people that can’t switch to water overnight like I did. And I’m not trying to say that you should. I just want you to be aware!

I think a nice mug of unsweetened green tea is calling my name!

Weight Today - 371 (a few tenths away from 370!)
Next Goal - 369


  1. Yummy! Green Tea. Also, have you tried eating some ginger when your stomach aches?

    Keep up the good work, girl!!! :)


  2. all those are good Powerade zero, Diet Rite, Skim Milk are all some other good choices for getting tired of water or like you said can't switch straight to it. Can't see why though it is so good and can fill you up a lot quicker.


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