Weight Watchers

Sorry for the long amount of silence from my end!! I have had some struggles with my weight loss since I last wrote.

If I remember right, last you all knew is that I lost 6 pounds over the course of a weekend, well, I had gained 3 of those pounds back! I let my eating habits get away from me and I started grazing the kitchen snack pile more and more. After seeing the success that my sister has had with her weight loss, and of course Jennifer Hudson, I decided to join Weight Watchers last Monday. I started at 362 and they gave me 57 points to use per day. I love that they have an app on my phone that I can use to calculate how many points are in certain foods and I also love that they have a restaurant listing! I believe Weight Watchers is magic, really. I lost 5.5 pounds last week and ate WAYYY more than I had been. Most nights I had about 9-12 points left over so I would eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with some cheese curls...you read that right CHEESE CURLS! I am doing the online program and so far have been holding my self accountable for every little thing that goes in my stomach. I really don't exactly how Weight Watchers works, but I love that it does AND that it is so easy to follow. I really recommend this to anyone that is having problems with weight loss. Also, a tip for those who plan to start, make sure you eat ALL of your points. You can! I also found a great baked macaroni and cheese recipe via Weight Watchers, it is so good, my husband and son absolutely love it.

I think that is enough praise for Weight Watchers tonight, but seriously, it rocks!

Weight Today : 355.5 (wahooo)
Next Goal: 349


  1. Go, Lacy, Go!!!

    You've inspired me to get back on the Weight Watchers wagon, so thank you! I just started back on it yesterday and forgot how much I loved it! I'm new to this points plus system, but it's basically the same as it was when I was on it last time...and lost 27 lbs in less than a month! :)
    Keep updating this! We're reading! :)


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